How can students access Blackboard from their mobile devices?

Students can access blackboard from their mobile devices using either a mobile browser or the Blackboard student app.  Both methods will allow students to access course content, announcements and grades.  If a student clicks a link to a blackboard collaborate session from the app, it will open Blackboard Collaborate Ultra in their browser, even though the app doesn't directly handle blackboard collaborate, it is a seamless transition.

Now for the more interesting part some of the differences.  While the student app has a more mobile friendly interface it does limit some of the features for example you have to be careful when posting a content item to blackboard, if you post files they are easily accessible without issue, if you post inline content under text you'll want to make sure it looks good in a mobile view, you can test this using the Blackboard Instructor App. Another example is some test questions will not work on the blackboard app .  You can see if your test is mobile friendly by looking under Course Tools -> Mobile Compatible Test List, test questions that are mobile compatible include: Multiple Choice, True/False, Short Answer, Fill in Multiple Blanks, Hot Spot, and Calculated Numeric.

As a final note the good news is anything not fully compatible with the app will either transition to a browser or browser view where possible for example if a student opens the group menu, or in the case of an incompatible test the app will warn the student to simply open the test using a browser.  Both solutions are perfectly viable and I wouldn't try to force students to use one or the other but rather which they are more comfortable with.  If you have any questions feel free to contact

Student Apps:

Android (Google Play Store Link)

iOS (Apple Store Link)

Instructor Apps:

Android (Google Play Store Link)

iOS (Apple Store Link)

Need a course site setup or credentials?

If you are looking for a Blackboard site to be set up for your course, please supply details as listed at Request a New Blackboard Course Site. If you are looking for a Blackboard site to be set up for an Academic Program, you will require the four-character program code for it, as well as the current semester levels of the students who need to be enrolled.

If you have not yet logged in, your login credentials for Blackboard would be the same as your college staff email, but if you have any difficulty with that part you would need to contact the help desk at ext. 2500.

Need help setting up your blackboard course content?

Guide Name            What's covered?
Navigating Blackboard as An Instructor  
  • Show how to enable edit mode
  • View your course as a student
  • Show and hide your menu
  • Locate control panel
Basic Setup for your Blackboard Course            
  • Hide Course links to Protect tools and Content
  • Changing Email permissions to prevent students from emailing everyone in the course
Adding Content to Blackboard  
  • Adding Contact Info
  • Adding Course Outline and Syllabus
  • Adding Course Material Organized by Week
Setup Grade Center for Your Course  
  • Setup Grade Center categories, based on your course outline
  • Setup weighted total column based on your course outline
  • Optionally setup a current grade column to show students what their mark is based on what has been assessed so far
Create A Grade Center Column for an Assessment  
  • Create a Grade Center Column for an assessment
  • Assess based on points or a rubric
  • Show and Hide columns to students in Grade Center
Make your Course Available to Students  
  • Making your course available to students
Making an Announcement to your Students  
  • Creating a blackboard announcement
  • Sending the announcement by email to your students

Something not working as expected?  

Question?                Answer/Guide
Can I hide previous courses?                 Guide to Grouping Courses By Term
Can I sort my courses by semester?  
Why are my letter grades showing up starting from 60 as a pass?    Guide to Changing your Letter Grade Schema
Why are my letter grades showing up as they would for health sciences?  
How do I change my letter grade schema?  
Why blackboard collaborate access my microphone or camera?   Guide to Enabling Microphone and Camera Access For Collaborate
How do I download my Course Outline?   Guide to Downloading your Course Outline from SIS
Can I download a class list?   Guide to Downloading a Class List
How do I remove students from my course?   Guide to Disabling Users in a Course
How do I add students to my course?   Guide to Adding Users to your Course
How do I lookup a student's email from their student ID?  
How do I find a student I've accidentally hidden?   Guide to Finding Hidden Users in Grade Center
How do I stop students from using spell check on quizzes?   Guide to Disabling Spell Check
How do I disable spell check?  
How do I display answers to Blackboard quiz questions?   Guide to Showing Feedback for Blackboard Tests and Quizzes
How do I show my Blackboard Test feedback to students?  
How can I run papers through SafeAssign Manually?   Guide to Manually Processing Papers through SafeAssign
How can I configure a Blackboard Test exception on a timer for a student with an Academic Accommodation Plans?   Guide to Configuring Blackboard Tests for Academic Accommodation Plans
Where is the Launch Akindi link?   Guide to Creating the Akindi Link
How do I create the Akindi link?

Want to use blackboard more effectively in the classroom?

Guide Name            What's covered?
Creating A Rubric  
  • Show how to create a points based rubric
  • Show how to create a percentage based rubric
Grading With a Rubric  
  • Grading an assessment submitted on blackboard with a rubric
  • Grading an assessment not submitted on blackboard with a rubric
Creating and Using a Blackboard Collaborate Session  
  • Creating a Blackboard Collaborate Session
  • Joining a Session
  • Sharing you screen
  • Sharing a PowerPoint presentation
  • Chatting
  • Recording your session
  • Posting a recorded session
Creating an Assignment in Blackboard  
  • Creating an assignment submission point
  • Changing the grade column category for the assignment
Importing an Exported Blackboard Package  
  • Importing a package that was exported from blackboard to your course
Adding a SCORM Module to Blackboard  
  • Adding a SCORM to blackboard
  • This guide is applicable to importing WHMIS and health and safety training to your individual blackboard course.  The packages are available on SCC training to download then import.
Having Students Confirming they have Reviewed the Code of Conduct before Assignments are Available  
  • Enabling Mark Reviewed on an item
  • Setting up adaptive releases for your assignments based on the review status of the code of conduct
  • Preventing students from marking and item as unreviewed
Uploading Videos to Blackboard  
  • Upload custom made videos to blackboard
Adding a Color Scheme to Grade Center  
  • Applying a color scheme to Grade Center
  • Matching the midterm color scheme
Creating and Grading Discussion Boards  
  • Creating a Discussion Board
  • Grading a Discussion Board
  • Moderating a Discussion Board
  • Linking the Discussion Board Forum in your Content Area
Downloading Submitted Assignments from Blackboard  
  • Downloading a zip file containing all the submitted files for a single assignment
  • Understanding each file in the zip
Creating a Test on Blackboard  
  • Creating a Test on Blackboard
  • Creating a Test Pool on Blackboard
  • Creating various testing questions on Blackboard
Providing Audio/Video Feedback for Assessments  
  • Provide Video/Audio Feedback to an Assessment using Medials

Want to see some advanced guides for blackboard use?

Guide Name               Why is this useful?
Import Course Sections from SIS into Blackboard Groups     
  • Quick access to each section in Grade Center
  • Section based discussion boards (if enabled)
  • Email specific lab section with a notification without sending it to the entire joint class