Basic Setup Blackboard Guides

Guide Name            What's covered?
Navigating Blackboard as An Instructor  
  • Show how to enable edit mode
  • View your course as a student
  • Show and hide your menu
  • Locate control panel
Basic Setup for your Blackboard Course            
  • Hide Course links to Protect tools and Content
  • Changing Email permissions to prevent students from emailing everyone in the course
Adding Content to Blackboard  
  • Adding Contact Info
  • Adding Course Outline and Syllabus
  • Adding Course Material Organized by Week
Setup Grade Center for Your Course  
  • Setup Grade Center categories, based on your course outline
  • Setup weighted total column based on your course outline
  • Optionally setup a current grade column to show students what their mark is based on what has been assessed so far
Create A Grade Center Column for an Assessment  
  • Create a Grade Center Column for an assessment
  • Assess based on points or a rubric
  • Show and Hide columns to students in Grade Center
Make your Course Available to Students  
  • Making your course available to students
Making an Announcement to your Students  
  • Creating a blackboard announcement
  • Sending the announcement by email to your students