Blackboard FAQ

Question?                Answer/Guide
Can I hide previous courses?                 Guide to Grouping Courses By Term
Can I sort my courses by semester?  
Why are my letter grades showing up starting from 60 as a pass?    Guide to Changing your Letter Grade Schema
Why are my letter grades showing up as they would for health sciences?  
How do I change my letter grade schema?  
Why blackboard collaborate access my microphone or camera?   Guide to Enabling Microphone and Camera Access For Collaborate
How do I download my Course Outline?   Guide to Downloading your Course Outline from SIS
Can I download a class list?   Guide to Downloading a Class List
How do I remove students from my course?   Guide to Disabling Users in a Course
How do I add students to my course?   Guide to Adding Users to your Course
How do I lookup a student's email from their student ID?  
How do I find a student I've accidentally hidden?   Guide to Finding Hidden Users in Grade Center
How do I stop students from using spell check on quizzes?   Guide to Disabling Spell Check
How do I disable spell check?  
How do I display answers to Blackboard quiz questions?   Guide to Showing Feedback for Blackboard Tests and Quizzes
How do I show my Blackboard Test feedback to students?  
How can I run papers through SafeAssign Manually?   Guide to Manually Processing Papers through SafeAssign
How can I configure a Blackboard Test exception on a timer for a student with an Academic Accommodation Plans?   Guide to Configuring Blackboard Tests for Academic Accommodation Plans
Where is the Launch Akindi link?   Guide to Creating the Akindi Link
How do I create the Akindi link?