We would like to invite you to join us during upcoming Learning Cafés. These sessions are delivered in a format that provides an opportunity to network and learn from one another as educators. This is a series of Interesting Topics discussions, offended selected or delivered by faculty. Typically, Cafe attendees will receive a follow up email with additional resources or links discussed during our time together as well as an evaluation form, that invites you to suggest future topics.

We invite colleagues from other campuses to attend using Blackboard Collaborate.  To do this, please email/call Lana Rukas who will provide you with the access link and instruction sheet.

If you are considering joining in virtually, we recommend:

  1. You have a strong internet connection (connecting directly with an Ethernet cable is preferred)
  2. You have speakers and a microphone (preferably a headset if you are in a public setting).
  3. You copy & paste the collaborate link provided to you by Lana into a Chrome web browser as Outlook will open using Internet Explorer.

Would you like to suggest a future learning café topic or potentially lead a learning café discussion?

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Learning Cafes Fall 2016 - Past Schedule

  • October 12th at 2pm Research & Design (2:00 to 3:00) Genesis Centre
  • November 2nd, Universal Design for Learning (12:00-1:00) Room: 415A
  • November 3rd, Universal Design for Learning (1:00-2:00) Room: 085
  • November 7th, Teaching Portfolios (2pm to 3pm) Computer Lab 45N
  • November 9th, Teaching Portfolios (12pm to 1pm) Computer Lab 45N
  • November 18th, Blackboard Collaborate (12:00-1:00) Room: Genesis Centre
  • November 21st, Blackboard Collaborate (2:00-3:00) Room: Genesis Centre
  • November 28th, Accommodations (12:00-1:00) Room: Genesis Centre
  • December 2nd, Accommodations (2:00-3:00) Room: Genesis Centre