CAE Journal Discussions Scholarship of Teaching & Learning

Similar to 2017, the St. Clair’s Centre for Academic Excellence will once again host a variety of journal discussions on teaching & learning topics.  Any St. Clair Faculty or Academic staff member is welcome to participate in these conversations.  

It’s as easy as:

  1. Reading any one (or more) of the chosen articles on various topics such as copyright, apprenticeship, inclusivity in the practice, academic accommodations, classroom civility, open educational resources, and technology-enabled learning in colleges and universities. 
  2. Meeting virtually from the comfort of your home or attending in person on campus with colleagues to share your impressions, questions, and insights.

The discussion forum intends to support engagement and networking discussion within the broader teaching community.  All full and part-time faculty are welcome to join in these conversations through in whichever means suits your schedule.  Join us to engage in one of the synchronous face-to-face conversations that occurs in partnership with other campuses OR contribute asynchronously in a thoughtful conversation that is housed on the SCC Training Centre discussion forum.  Past discussions posts, as well as entire conversations, are recorded an archived for those who are unable to attend. 

Engage colleagues in exploring these ideas and teaching practices individually and collaboratively within and across disciplines.  

Schedule and Registration links below:

8:30 OR 2:00

Dunlosky, J. (2013). Strengthening the Student Toolbox: Study Strategies to Boost Learning. American Educator, 37(3), 12-21. 
Link to Article Available through ERIC may be found at

8:30 OR 2:00

The Power of Successive Relearning: Improving Performance on Course Exams and Long-Term Retention. Educational Psychology Review, 25(4), 523-548

Winter 2018 articles are listed on Blackboard –  Listen to past discussions archived on Blackboard by visiting the SCC-Training Centre.

Past Journal Discussions

Cullen, R., & Harris, M. (2009). Assessing Learner-Centredness through Course Syllabi. Assessment & Evaluation In Higher Education, 34(1), 115-125.

Link to Article Available through ERIC