Course outlines and the information in those documents are crucial to the students who are enrolled in St. Clair College courses, since these documents allow students: 

  • to know what learning, knowledge, attributes, or skills they will acquire by taking the course
  • to know the content or subject matter of the course
  • to know the Assessment Plan which sets out the methods by which they will be assessed during the course as well as the inter-relationship and relative weighting of each form and numbers of assessments
  • to know the teaching and learning activities which sets out the methods by which they will be engage with the course material in alignment with course learning outcomes and assessment plan
  • to understand and anticipate what to expect from the course itself and the faculty who is delivering the course 


Resources for Creating & Revising Course Outlines

Course Outline Modifications

Course outline changes can be made to accommodate necessary revisions and update information. However, a course outline can only be made if a course is not running or it is at the end of the academic year (e.g., in April when course outlines run over for the next academic year). Please consult the deadlines for when course outline changes can be accommodated.

Request for Course Outline Changes Form 

Course Outline Changes Deadlines

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