Aligning Assessments with Outcomes

Assessments evaluate the progress and performance of a student and must align with the course learning outcomes. The methods used to assess or evaluate performance are a critical component of the process of teaching and learning.

Assessment should be ongoing throughout course delivery to provide continuous feedback between faculty and students. Constructive feedback on a learner’s progress should be built into all assessment activities, whether they are formal or informal methods of assessment.

There are multiple ways to assess learning and the mastery of learning outcomes. It is important to strategize a variety of assessments to offer them robust opportunities to demonstrate their learning.

Types of Assessment


  • a diagnostic tool to gauge student prior knowledge (not evaluated for a grade)
  • low-stakes/low-risk evaluations (low percentage of final grade)
  • multiple and used to scaffold student knowledge and skills
  • assesses ongoing projects during their design and construction and to offer feedback for continued progress in learning
  • informs our teaching should students need opportunities for clarification of misconceptions or misunderstanding of content


  • evaluates what a student has learned
  • high-stakes/high-risk evaluations (high percentage of final grade)
  • transparent and clear expectations are outlined for students
  • can be cumulative (portfolios, major projects, etc.)
  • examples could include: midterm tests, final exams, demonstrations, labs, EL/WIL, etc.
  • uses a rubric or grading scheme 

Resources for Assessments

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Assessment and Evaluation Tools

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Peer & Self Evaluations

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