Active Learning 

Teaching and learning activities can include a wide variety of strategies to engage students in the learning process. 

When designing learning opportunities for our students, it’s important that they are “doing” something. Felder and Brent (2009) describe active learning as “anything course related that all students are called upon to do other than simply watching, listening, and taking notes.” However, its more than just “doing” something – students need to be actively engaged in applying new knowledge (not just acquiring it), as well as being engaged in the co-construction of knowledge with peers, problem-solving, and thinking critically and creatively (Centre for Teaching and Learning, Western Ontario).

Active learning continuum by Joelle Nagle

Helpful Active Learning Strategies

# Leave no one behind written in chalk on a brown tile floor.

Universal Design for Learning

Hands stacked in a circle.

Group Work

Adult learners having a discussion in the classroom.

Discussion Strategies