Quality Assurance (QA) at St. Clair is multifaceted and fully integrated within the College’s culture and daily operations. Strategic in design, there are numerous participants, elements and data points embedded within the College’s QA organization and structure. Some examples of the system management elements used for quality include St. Clair’s Strategic Directions, College Policies, Annual Program Reviews, Cyclical Reviews, New Program Development and Monitoring, Student Experience Surveys (SES), Instructional Feedback Surveys (IFS), Annual Service Department Improvement Plans, and more. These mechanisms are part of a comprehensive approach used to promote and instill a culture of continuous improvement focused on teaching, learning, supporting and servicing our students, and our community.  

The College's efforts are solidified by establishing a strong Centre for Academic Excellence and Quality Assurance (CAE) and by conducting internal audits, by an independent auditor reporting to the President, to encourage and impart administrative accountability and reinforce the importance of the organizational structure and processes for internal quality.

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