• Dr. Lindi Prendi

    Dr. Lindi Prendi

    Executive Director, Academic Excellence

  • Marcy Andrade

    Marcy Andrade

    Secretary, Centre for Academic Excellence and Quality Assurance

  • Profile photo of Phil Aylesworth

    Phil Aylesworth

    Academic Integrity Facilitator and Professor

  • Antoinette Bertucci

    Antoinette Bertucci

    Coordinator of CEDP, Professional Development, and Curriculum

  • Profile photo of Sandra Blais

    Sandra Blais

    Educational and Curriculum Developer

  • Profile photo of Thomas Forget

    Thomas Forget

    Manager, Academic Excellence

  • Profile photo of Joelle Nagle

    Dr. Joelle Nagle

    Coordinator of Educational Development, Program Design, and Quality Assurance

  • Profile photo of Brian Nairn

    Dr. Brian Nairn

    Coordinator of Program Curriculum Development, Quality Assurance, and Educational Development

  • Profile photo of Randal Semeniuk

    Randal Semeniuk

    Academic Integrity Administrator, Chair of Academic Integrity Appeal Panel

  • Profile Picture of Irene Stewart

    Irene Stewart

    Retention Coordinator (English)