Peer mentoring is a coaching relationship between faculty members, namely a mentor and a new faculty member. Peer mentoring focuses on interpersonal support, guidance, mutual exchange of ideas, sharing of wisdom, coaching, and role modeling. This program was designed to provide new faculty with the opportunity to learn through formal interactions with their faculty peers. Both partners in the mentoring relationship or community of practice have the opportunity to improve and learn new skills through this relationship.

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Allow us to introduce our Organizational Diamonds, Our Faculty Mentors:

  • Profile photo of Al Douglas

    Al Douglas

    Professor & Coordinator, Electromechanical Engineering Technician - Robotics

  • Portrait of Chef Michael Jimmerfield

    Chef Michael Jimmerfield

    Professor, Culinary Management

  • Profile photo of Daniele De Franceschi

    Daniele De Franceschi

    Professor & Coordinator, Precision Metal Cutting

  • Profile photo of Deb Ivey

    Deborah Ivey

    Professor & Coordinator, Fitness & Health Training/Promotion

  • Profile photo of Dr. Charles Fuerth

    Dr. Charles Fuerth

    Professor, Veterinary Technician

  • Kathryn Markham-Petro profile picture.

    Dr. Kathryn Markham-Petro

    Coordinator of Program Curriculum Development, Quality Assurance, and Educational Development

  • Profile photo of Dwayne St. John

    Dwayne St. John

    Professor & Coordinator, Event Management

  • Profile photo of Elizabeth Strutt-MacLeod

    Elizabeth Strutt-MacLeod

    Professor & Coordinator, Paralegal and Community Justice Services

  • Profile photo of James Lapeer

    James Lapeer

    Professor, Nursing

  • Profile photo of Joanna Pitcher

    Joanna Pitcher

    Professor, Pre-Health Sciences Pathway to Advanced Diplomas and Degrees

  • Profile photo of John Freer

    John Freer

    Professor & Coordinator, Educational Assistant

  • Profile photo of Kathryn Hansen

    Kathryn Hansen

    Professor, Developmental Services Worker & Nursing (Chatham Campus)

  • Profile photo of Kim Smallhorn

    Kim Smallhorn

    Professor, School of Nursing

  • Profile photo of Neil Pettit

    Neil Pettit

    Professor & Coordinator, Border Services; Professor, Community Justice Services

  • Profile photo of Patricia Canil Durocher

    Patricia Canil Durocher

    Professor, School of Nursing

  • Profile photo of Patrick Redko

    Patrick Redko

    Professor, Interior Design, Architecture, Civil Engineering

  • Profile photo of Pete Soulliere

    Pete Soulliere

    Professor, Protection, Security, and Investigation, Police Foundations; Coordinator, Law Enforcement Applicant Testing

  • Profile photo of Phil Aylesworth

    Phil Aylesworth

    Academic Integrity Facilitator and Professor

  • Profile photo of Rosie Wagner

    Rosie Wagner

    Professor, Practical Nursing Program

  • Profile photo of Warren Beck

    Warren Beck

    Professor & Coordinator, Finance

  • Profile photo of Wayne Nelson

    Wayne Nelson

    Professor, Powerline Technician (Chatham Campus)

  • Profile photo of Zita Zinn-Shamisa

    Zita Zinn-Shamisa

    Professor, Nursing